jacopo beschi: yet another web guy

About me

Hi everybody. I'm a software engineer living in Brescia (Italy) and a gitlab OSS contributor.

Recently I've obtained the MVP prize from gitlab for being the most valuable contributor for the 9.0 release.

my photo

My knowledge is mainly focused in web context. I embrace the philosophy of don't reinvent the wheel, like open source software and love to share my thoughts with the community. Lately I've been working a lot with Ruby on rails. I use TDD development as a tool to create stable and reusable code, but never forget to test my code in acceptance(mostly with capybara). Beside I prefer server-side programming I'm trying to keep my knowledge balanced between back-end and front-end (Javascript, AngularJS).

If you wanna see my open source projects you can check my github page

I've got a master degree in "IT Engineering" at the university of Brescia in 2012