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Introduction to Unit testing with Laravel framework: step1

Created at: Jul/31/2014 jacopo beschi

When i first came into programming i didn't even know what self tested code was and how much it's important for a developer. This article is for developers that want to start unit testing with laravel framework or php in general. Before going into details i'd like to explain you briefly what is unit testing and automated code tests. Automated code tests are programs that verify automatically that your application works as expected. Why self tested code is important? For multiple reasons, the most important is that removes the "fear of change" and for this reason help you refactoring your code and improving it.

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Integrate Laravel And Session in external php application

Created at: Jun/27/2014 jacopo beschi

Hello foks, it's been a while since i didn't write an article. Today i'll explain you how you can integrate Laravel framework 4 (and his session driver) in any other php application. I'm writing this because i had to solve this problem in one of my works and i want to share this with you.

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4 simple rules for better writing method and variables

Created at: May/14/2014 jacopo beschi

Programming is an art and programmers are artists. As any artist anyone has a different approach for crafting, besides that there are some common rules that would help you writing better software. In fact is really important to write software not just that "works" but also that is easy to read and unterstand. In fact Brian Kerninghan (C creator) has written:

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How to effectively use composer artifacts

Created at: Apr/29/2014 jacopo beschi

Hello guys, some days ago i had to setup a private composer repository without using a VCS. After reading the original documentation i encountered some issues. For this reason i decided to make a post on my website that explains better the overall process.

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How to import and export data gracefully with php and laravel

Created at: Apr/10/2014 jacopo beschi

Hello guys, during my career i've come across the problem of importing and exporting data from and to different formats many multiple times. For this reason i want to share with you my general approach to solve this problem. The process of importing and exporting data mainly is just a process of data trasforming; for this reason the import and export operations can be seen as the same of data transformation.

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