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Javascript multiple inheritance with ES5 and AngularJs

Created at: Mar/31/2016 jacopo beschi

In this article I'll show you how you can use multiple inheritance(trait) with Javascript EcmaScript 5 and AngularJS 1.0. AngularJS offer you a method: angular.extend that allow you to extend any object with the values and methods of other objects. In this article I show you how you can create a Dog. Dog is an animal but is also a mammal, for this reason a Dog needs to extend animal and also Mammal classes. Below is the code to create a Dog:

app.Animal = function(){};
app.Animal.prototype = {
    animal: function(){
        return "Hello i am an animal";

app.Mammal = function(){};
app.Mammal.prototype = {
    mammal: function(){
        return "I am a mammal";

app.Dog = function(){};
app.Dog.prototype = {
    dog: function () {
        return "I am a dog";
// dog is an animal but also a mammal
angular.extend(app.Dog.prototype, app.Animal.prototype, app.Mammal.prototype);
// wrap to not pollute the global namespace
})(window.app || (window.app ={}));

var dog = new app.Dog();

// Hello I am an animal
// Hello I am a mammal
// Hello I am a dog

As you can see you can extend multiple classes (Mammal and Animal) from the Dog class. Here it is! Now you know that you can easily implement traits in Javascript using angular.extend() method. Happy coding!

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