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Strong Typing vs Duck Typing PHP, C#, Ruby

Created at: Dec/27/2014 jacopo beschi

If you have heard of strong and weak typing but doesn't know the main difference and advantages/disadvantages of both the paradigms in this article I'll try to help you having a better undestanding of the overall concept. The first thing you need to understand is what types are. When you save some data in the memory you can associate to that space of memory a data-type, by associating a type you can have different behavior when manipulating that piece of data. In an object orientet language generally there are two main categories of data:

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PHP: why and when static is evil

Created at: Nov/09/2014 jacopo beschi

Hello guys, many pepole asked me in various situation if they should use static in their code, for this reason i decided to briefly explain why static is generally a bad choiceh and in which cases you can use it.

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4 simple rules for better writing method and variables

Created at: May/14/2014 jacopo beschi

Programming is an art and programmers are artists. As any artist anyone has a different approach for crafting, besides that there are some common rules that would help you writing better software. In fact is really important to write software not just that "works" but also that is easy to read and unterstand. In fact Brian Kerninghan (C creator) has written:

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